Episode 151 Side B: I Expect Dope Records!

Armond & Doc continue with discussion about Usher’s new single with Nicki Minaj before going in-depth on The-Dream’s new EP ‘Royalty…The Prequel’

Episode 151 Side A: Good…Good, Clean Bums

Armond & Doc discuss NBA free agency, the supposed Wale/Meek Mill beef, rumors of new Kanye records, and more.

Episode 150 Side B: #BabyWhereDidYouGo

Armond & Doc continue this week’s episode to talk about Ab-Soul’s album (and what’s going on with TDE), Google I/O, and all things NBA Draft & Free Agency. Plus Armond reveals the title of Robin Thicke’s publishing company (it’s hilarious) and a lot more.

Episode 150 Side A: Yo Ma….

Armond & Doc return from 2 weeks off to catch up on new singles from Lil Wayne, Busta & Em, Jeezy & Jay, and more. Plus Nicki vs. Iggy, Lecrae’s new single, and tons of random side conversations. Believe me, the episode title will make sense.

Episode 149 Side A: What We Missed (June 2014 Edition)

Armond & Doc return from a week off to talk about all the music they’ve missed in the last couple of weeks. Plus random side conversations about everything from Remy Shand to how white people make mixtapes.

Episode 149 Side B:NBA Finals Wrap Up & Dame Dash/Flex

Armond & Doc continue this week’s episode with a wrap up of the NBA Finals before offering their opinion on the Dame Dash vs. Funk Flex controversy.

Episode 148: Summer Jam 2014, NBA Finals, & WWDC

Armond & Doc recap the best (and worst) of Summer Jam 2014, quickly offer predictions about the NBA Finals, and then wrap up with some Apple WWDC discussion.

Episode 147 Side B: The Roots, Slaughterhouse, & 2 Chainz

Armond & Doc review recent projects from The Roots, Slaughterhouse, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, & Skyzoo/Torae. Plus Doc admits to liking a Young Thug song.

Episode 147 Side A: Air Horns & The Godfather

Armond & Doc return from a week off to talk about the Apple/Beats deal, Twitter + Billboard, the surprising success of Iggy Azalea, and more. Plus air horns. And The Godfather.

Episode 146: Collectors Edition

Armond & Doc recap what’s been happening during the last couple weeks, talking about everything from the new Michael Jackson album to singles from Lil Wayne, Mariah, and Usher to the XXL 2014 Freshmen. Oh yeah, and Wu-Tang x Cher.