Episode 161 Side B: Armond Has A Price

Armond & Doc continue on and discuss new projects from TI, TInashe, Childish Gambino, and The Game while randomly talking about Nexus phones and why Diddy should sponsor us. Plus Doc nerds out about chord progressions and talks about old man basketball skills.

Episode 161 Side A: #ManLaw

Armond & Doc return from their brief hiatus to talk about the BET Awards, what’s going on with Tyga and Young Money, the indecipherableness of Young Thug, and a lot more.

Episode 160: Kendrick Lamar - I

Armond & Doc discuss everything from Blossom to Kendrick Lamar to…Busta Rhymes (?!?!) in an emergency episode of Clock Radio Speakers. Kendrick’s new single “I” gets broken down in true CRS style before they go off topic on everything from Beats Music to how Jay-Z completely DESTROYS Sauce Money on “Pre-Game”.

Episode 159 Side B: Foxy Brown Math

Armond & Doc continue this week’s episode by talking about Lecrae’s ‘Anomaly’ and Jeezy’s ‘Seen It All’ before going off-topic trying to figure out what Jeezy’s third best album was (trust me it makes sense). Plus Doc talks about Foxy Brown Math and a lot more.

Episode 159 Side A: Beep It Out

Armond & Doc finally talk about music! New songs from Big Sean & Rick Ross, the Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines” lawsuit, and new albums from Banks & SPZRKT all get discussed in true Clock Radio Speakers fashion. Plus a side convo about how race and gender affect what we call music, cause we obviously couldn’t just talk about the music.

Episode 158 Side A: A Connecticut Thing

Armond & Doc go in-depth on Apple’s announcements this week - the two new iPhone 6’s, the Apple Pay initiative, and the long-anticipated Apple Watch.

Episode 158 Side B: I Didn’t Mean To Go On A Rant

Armond & Doc discuss the Ray Rice incident, why the Atlanta Hawks are being sold, and the racist underpinnings of our entire society (seriously). Plus a completely random off-topic journey through Busta Rhymes and keyboard beats.

Episode 157: Authentic Twerking

DJ Hyphen joins Armond & Doc to talk about everything from Nicki Minaj’s rollout & when her album might come out to Macklemore to DJ Mustard to Eminem’s Shady XV to, yes, “authentic twerking”. Not to mention a conversation about the future of online distribution and a lot more.

Episode 156: Ferguson (Side B)

Armond & Doc continue the conversation about Ferguson and talk about the smearing of Mike Brown in the media, our unrealistic and yet understandable expectations of Obama, and more.

Episode 156: Ferguson (Side A)

Armond & Doc reflect on the tragic events in Ferguson and talk about if it’s possible for the community to ever feel like justice has been served. ┬áPlus the politically divided reaction from America, how celebrities have (or haven’t) responded, and more.