Episode 157: Authentic Twerking

DJ Hyphen joins Armond & Doc to talk about everything from Nicki Minaj’s rollout & when her album might come out to Macklemore to DJ Mustard to Eminem’s Shady XV to, yes, “authentic twerking”. Not to mention a conversation about the future of online distribution and a lot more.

Episode 156: Ferguson (Side B)

Armond & Doc continue the conversation about Ferguson and talk about the smearing of Mike Brown in the media, our unrealistic and yet understandable expectations of Obama, and more.

Episode 156: Ferguson (Side A)

Armond & Doc reflect on the tragic events in Ferguson and talk about if it’s possible for the community to ever feel like justice has been served. ¬†Plus the politically divided reaction from America, how celebrities have (or haven’t) responded, and more.

Episode 155: Michael Brown & The Failure of American Society

Armond & Doc discuss the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO and tackle a bigger question - how did our society get to this point?

Episode 154 Side B: The NY Hip-Hop Industrial Complex

Armond & Doc continue on with new music from PartyNextDoor and Mike Will before talking about Trinidad James getting dropped from Def Jam & the Bobby Shmurda phenomenon.

Episode 154 Side A: You’re Gonna Be Driving A Swagger Wagon

Armond & Doc discuss Armond teasing records on his social media accounts, the actual release of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’, and go in-depth (seriously) on Busta Rhymes rapping in a Toyota commercial about a “swagger wagon”.

Episode 153: Nicki Minaj Anaconda (Side B)

Armond & Doc continue their conversation with Kelly Bakes about the cover for Nicki Minaj’s new single “Anaconda” before going wildly off-topic about a generation of lost souls, blankets of Provolone cheese, a guide to CT pizza, and a lot more.

Episode 153: Nicki Minaj Anaconda (Side A)

Armond & Doc are joined by Kelly Bakes to discus the controversy surrounding the cover for Nicki Minaj’s new single “Anaconda”.¬† Plus some random UConn talk and a Nelly Sweat/Suit mention.

Episode 152 Side B: My Daughter’s Not Listening To Cormega

Armond & Doc continue on with this week’s episode, discussing new projects from Common & Majid Jordan. Oh yeah, and getting ridiculously (and hilariously) off-topic. R&B groups that made creepy songs, introducing your kids to hip-hop, and a lot more.

Episode 152 Side A: Apples & Newspapers

Armond & Doc talk about two new interviews from Kanye & Kendrick (GQ & Complex, respectively), DJ Mustard’s upcoming album, LeBron James & Kevin Love, and a lot more.